5 Things To Use When Writing A Microeconomics Homework Assignment

Microeconomics generally involves looking at various aspects of a business or industry, and will include economic theory such as supply and demand and other similar concepts. While some people really take to the subject, others may occasionally struggle. Either way, whether you find yourself a bit of a whiz economics or not, you might still find the following suggestions useful in relation to completing assignments for the subject.

  1. Is your chosen topic referring to microeconomics and not macroeconomics?
  2. If you are writing an academic paper, be sure that you have been confused macroeconomic and microeconomic topics. Whilst most people will know the difference and don’t need to worry about confusing issues, some people do occasionally get the two mixed up, and this can be quite embarrassing once the work is handed in.

  3. Have you considered all the relevant theory that you know of relating to the topic?
  4. Economics can be quite a detailed subject, with a range of different theory relating to various examples of things that might happen relating to microeconomics. Therefore, if you are discussing a hypothetical situation, and need to use microeconomic theory as part of a discussion, it is important that you think of any relevant theory that might be applicable. The last thing that you want to do is try and answer any questions using theory that isn’t necessarily quite as appropriate as something else.

  5. Can you use graphs or diagrams to help explain point?
  6. As part of your work, you may wish to decide whether or not you can use any drafts or diagrams to help further any points that you are trying to make. Microeconomics does rely on a great deal of visual aids, so you can include them - even if they are not necessarily to scale - then it may improve the quality of your work.

  7. Have you double-checked any math that you have used?
  8. It may sound silly, but ensure that you double check any of the mathematics in your microeconomics assignments. While sometimes you will generally just be using and describing theories, without necessarily using mathematics, when you do need to use numbers in equations, it is important that you double check what you’re working, particularly if you have based a whole essay around some equations and mathematical sums.

  9. Have you double-checked the text for spelling or grammatical errors?
  10. Just as it is important to check the mathematical side of things, so too is it important to check the language. In fact, whether you are studying microeconomics or any other subject, you should always double check your text for spelling and grammatical errors.

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