Discussing Traits of Homework: Is It Good or Bad?

When you think about homework do you feel it is good or bad? Many will have their own opinion about it, but depending on the angle you view it from it looks like it has its pros and cons. Completing such work helps you learn and improve skills. Others feel it is unnecessary after spending several hours in the classroom doing work. The following details will give an idea of homework positives and negatives to compare when considering if such work is good or bad.

  • Exercise Skills
    When learning new things doing schoolwork at home is beneficial. Some subjects such as math and reading are important no matter what career field you want to work it. Since some students struggle completing asssignments or getting their skills where they should be, take home assignments are a good form of practice. When learning something new it can take time to grasp the main idea of how to complete it the right way. Plus, it gives students an opportunity to learn at their own pace in a comfortable environment.
  • Earn Extra Credit
    Having schoolwork to complete at home in some cases is an opportunity to earn extra credit. Such work can help prepare for testing and exams, but if you missed assignments or scored poorly on a test where it has brought your grade point average down, extra credit can save the day. The assignments can be anything from writing a paper to doing additional research on a subject. It can also include doing worksheets or other form of academic work. Students looking to improve their scores to bring up their grades welcome this form of opportunity to do better.
  • Is There a Downside?
    You may wonder what is homework good for when considering what you think is bad about it. If you don’t feel it is important you may see it as a waste of time and energy. Some school districts have done away with giving it for their own reasons. Some say it saves money on supplies while others think it doesn’t help students develop academically.

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